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ViewZine's Selection of Exhibitions of the Week

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ViewZine's Selection of Exhibitions of the Week

Contemplating the Spiritual in Contemporary Art

7 Jun 2019 – 13 Jul 2019

rosenfeld porcini

rosenfeld porcini is delighted to present ‘Contemplating the Spiritual in Contemporary Art’ which was born out of wishing to look at the distinction between Western and Oriental approaches to spirituality and what it can tell us about the different ways we try to find meaning in our lives.

The gallery will be divided into three separate sections. The first room will examine the responses of a group of artists to the stories in the Old and New testaments and their roots in human drama.

Christopher Thompson | Studies, Part II

7 Jun 2019 – 7 Jul 2019

Pontone Gallery

In these new works the artist continues to explore his signature theme of the 'urban portrait'. He paints solitary subjects in an austere architectural setting, using his technically accomplished handling of light and shade to lend drama and emotional intensity to the scene.

He deploys a classical method of representational painting, built on analytical draughtsmanship and a thorough understanding of his palette. The combination of muted, sombre colour and Caravaggioesque 'chiaroscuro' work together to evoke mood and atmosphere. His technique nods to the past and underlines a sense of continuity with the painters he admires. His ability enables him to appropriate such formats and manipulate them.

Deborah Roberts: If they come

7 Jun 2019 – 20 Jul 2019

Stephen Friedman Gallery

Combining collage with mixed media, Roberts' figurative works depict the complexity of black subjecthood and explore themes of race, identity and gender politics. The exhibition is accompanied by a new publication featuring an essay by Daniella Rose King, Whitney-Lauder Curatorial Fellow at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia.

Vik Muniz: Real Pictures

7 Jun 2019 – 15 Sep 2019

Ben Brown Fine Arts

Real Pictures – which debuts Muniz’s most recent Handmade series for the first time in the United Kingdom – explores the nature of perception, reality and representation and challenges notions of materiality. Unlike Muniz’s previous series which refer to specific images from art history, collective memory and popular culture, this new body of work refers to the fundamental elements of abstract art itself: colour, composition, form and rhythm, and draws upon connections to abstract art movements including op art, conceptual art and constructivism.


6 Jun 2019 – 31 Aug 2019

Galeria Melissa

Galeria Melissa London hosts a new installation: ‘all ways equal’ – an immersive experience to celebrate the re-issue of one of Melissa’s most popular products, the Possession ‘jelly shoe’ which have recently been registered as Vegan by the The Vegan Society. 

The entrance to the Galeria features the new campaign video on giant LED screens which can be seen from the Covent Garden Piazza. In front of these screens are life-size colour block plastic cut out shapes of the campaign models; a group of emerging talents from New York City.

The new campaign was inspired by the original campaign from 1997, “Always The Same, Always Different” but with a 2019 update to become ‘all ways equal.’

Senga Nengudi

6 Jun 2019 – 13 Jul 2019

Sprüth Magers | London

The work of Senga Nengudi has been at the forefront of sculptural, performative, and photographic practices for over forty years. Using simple materials in innovative, unexpected ways, Nengudi’s compositions evoke a rich array of references, from subtle allusions to the body, to feminist considerations of space and movement, to the confluence of different cultural and religious rituals. With equal parts rigor and grace, they encourage us to rethink our relationship to the people and world around us. Monika Sprüth and Philomene Magers are honored to present an overview of Nengudi’s work at Sprüth Magers, London, which has evolved from the artist's recent exhibition at Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, and highlights the scope of her wide-ranging, influential oeuvre.

IMAGE: Vik Muniz