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Pick of the Week: One Year in New York by Darcel Disappoints

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Pick of the Week: One Year in New York by Darcel Disappoints

One Year in New York, a new book chronicling the life of the humorous and optimistically dour character, Darcel Disappoints, will be published in June 2019. Based on the semi-autobiographical creation by renowned artist and illustrator Craig Redman, One Year in New York charts and captures the highs and lows of living in the Big Apple. 

Redman, who has conveyed city-life related experiences and observations through the eyes of Darcel for over a decade, focuses on Darcel’s view of New York in his new book, as well as his reflections on relationships, anxieties, friends and family. Through the distinctive one-frame illustrations and a visual diary of sorts, Redman encapsulates the at times, lonely experiences of living in an unfamiliar city, combining cynical, comical and relatable musings on the euphoric, the mundane and everything else in between.

“When I moved to New York, I was blissfully naive; oblivious to the city’s history and what was happening around me. To remember these observations, I started putting my thoughts down in picture form on my blog, Darcel Disappoints”, states Craig Redman. “Some six hundred posts later, I’ve grouped together my favourites—along with some new insights—to encapsulate a single year of life. The posts are short stories; very short that, together, paint an overview of life in a big city—and the inevitable loneliness that is sometimes supplanted by feeling like you are part of something bigger. From the mundane to the euphoric, these pages show the full spectrum of One Year in New York.”

 In One Year in New York, Redman recounts and shares his adventures around the city in typical Darcel fashion: self-deluding yet amusing and always endearing. 

One Year in New York is available to buy in the UK and Europe from 21st June 2019.


One Year in New York: Darcel Disappoints

by Craig Redman

Including a Q&A with Sarah Andelman 

to be published by Victionary in June2019

Hardcover / 9” x 7” / 156 pages

Text in English
Price: £17.95 U.K.
Victionary / ISBN: 978-988-79033-3-8
Release date:  UK & Europe: 21st June 2019
Available for pre-order at