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Exhibition of the Week: Millo and Hikari Shimoda at Dorothy Circus Gallery

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Exhibition of the Week: Millo and Hikari Shimoda at Dorothy Circus Gallery

Dorothy Circus Gallery is pleased to welcome the summer season with the double solo show dedicated to Millo and Hikari Shimoda, two great characters of the international con-temporary art scene.

The colourful and disarming artworks by the Japanese painter Hikari Shimoda will inter-twine with the emotional and poetic Street Art by the Italian Millo, filling up Dorothy Cir-cus Gallery’s walls in both Rome and London. The intense dialogue between their artworks highlights their unique representation of adolescence and modern youth.

Each artist will present a brand new collection of 10-12 works on canvas of various formats, all differently being part of a common theme. They will both display stories, ex-pectations and fragility of timeless generations, that of today's teenagers and of their par-ents, yesterday’s eternal children.

The Japanese artist Hikari Shimoda paints using bright colours and illustrative techniques that combine brushstrokes, lettering and collage. Her work is uniquely made by a juxtapos-ition of horror and sweetness, a dichotomy that perfectly reflects today's society. Star-eyed children are a direct quote to the superhero child of the Manga culture, the desire and strength to grow to protect all the children of the world from violence and loneliness. At the same time these characters also reveal the uncertainty and fragility of their own future and that of a tainted and lost childhood.

Similarly, Millo's art reflects on the fragility of human existence and on the importance of each individual’s personal growth, in relation to the social and urban context in which they live. Millo constantly investigates our surroundings, the place and time we live in, our space in the world and within the walls of our homes. He constantly enriches his personal research with new suggestions, using his unmistakable aesthetic to explore our inner nature. His murals are like doors open to the human mind and heart, and resonate with the most intimate and sincere desires, giving a new voice to those feelings that bring us closer to each other: Love, Hope, Justice, Loneliness and Fear.


Double Solo Exhibition

London and Rome

14 June - 13 July 2019

Dorothy Circus Gallery