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ViewZine's Selection of Exhibitions of the Week

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ViewZine's Selection of Exhibitions of the Week

Michael Craig-Martin: Sculpture

31 May 2019 – 3 Aug 2019

Gagosian Gallery | London | Britannia Street

Gagosian is pleased to present new works by Michael Craig-Martin. This is the first time his sculptures have been shown indoors, and the first time they have been exhibited as a group in London.

Among the leading generation of British Conceptual artists, Craig-Martin probes the relationship between objects and images, perception and reality, harnessing the unique human capacity to conjure ideas through symbols and signs.

This exhibition includes six new monumental sculptures in a medium that Craig-Martin has been exploring since 2011: powder-coated steel forms that describe everyday objects and appear like line drawings in the air. The first series was shown in the gardens of Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, England, in 2014, where the sculptures were sunk into the soil of the grounds. The new works in this exhibition depict various items both timeless—as in Fork and Knife (green and purple) (2019)—and distinctly contemporary, as in Headphones (magenta) (2019). These elegant, large sculptures leave it up to viewers to attach their own personal narrative histories to the objects portrayed.

Frank Bowling

31 May 2019 – 26 Aug 2019

Tate Britain

This exhibition offers a chance to experience the entirety of Bowling’s 60-year career. It showcases his sensual use of colour and bold experimentation.

Born in Guyana (then British Guiana) in 1934, at 19 years old Bowling moved to London as part of the Windrush Generation. He went on to study painting at the Royal College of Art alongside David Hockney and R.B. Kitaj.

After graduating with a silver medal, he spent the next 60 years criss-crossing the Atlantic between studios in London and New York. Maturing into a master of his medium, he developed a visionary approach that fuses abstraction with personal memories. Now 85 he still paints every day, experimenting with new materials and techniques.


31 May 2019 – 13 Jul 2019

Hang-Up Gallery

In his second solo exhibition at Hang-Up, artist Tim Fishlock questions and appraises our information saturated age and asks us to confront what the deluge of opinion, narcissism and image overkill is doing to our society.

Introversion Immersion tackles the dreaded compulsions of social media and our own existential plight with thought-provoking and playful irreverence. Fishlock continues his shrewd comment on the fragile state of society and our place within it through his vibrant, text-based paintings, reflecting on our uneasy relationship with technology and how we are slave to our own invention.

The Jealous Prize

30 May 2019 – 23 Jun 2019

Jealous Gallery East

This year The Jealous Prize celebrates it’s 10th Birthday and to commemorate this milestone, the annual award has been presented to four winners; Lydia Boehm MA Royal College of Art, Alvin Ong MA Royal College of Art, Phillip Reeves MA Goldsmiths and Francisco Rodriguez MA Slade School of Art.

The Prize is a residency in Jealous Print Studios, London, to create an exclusive screenprint edition with Jealous’ dedicated Studio Team, and for many winners this is their first experience of creating an edition. To coincide with the release of these beautiful new editions, Jealous presents a dedicated exhibition featuring each of their screenprints alongside original works, which further explores each artists practice and how it has developed since their graduation in 2018.

Lee Krasner: Living Colour

30 May 2019 – 1 Sep 2019

Barbican Centre

Barbican Art Gallery is pleased to announce the first retrospective in Europe for over 50 years of American artist Lee Krasner (1908 – 1984), opening in May 2019. One of the pioneers of Abstract Expressionism, Krasner made work reflecting the feeling of possibility and experiment in New York in the post-war period. Lee Krasner: Living Colour features nearly 100 works – many on show in the UK for the first time – from across her 50-year career, and tells the story of a formidable artist whose importance has often been eclipsed by her marriage to Jackson Pollock.

The exhibition celebrates Krasner’s spirit for invention – including striking early self-portraits; a body of energetic charcoal life drawings; original photographs of her proposed department store window displays, designed during the war effort; and her acclaimed ‘Little Image’ paintings from the 1940s with their tightly controlled geometries. It also features collages comprised of torn-up earlier work and a selection of her most impressive large-scale abstract paintings. This work is accompanied by rare photography and film from the period, in an elegant exhibition design by David Chipperfield Architects.

The Daughters of Medusa

30 May 2019 – 14 Jun 2019

The Old Street Gallery

THE DAUGHTERS OF MEDUSA is a show that promotes body positivity through the power of the female gaze

The exhibition features bold, figurative paintings of women - both self- portraits and subjects Rebecca knows - inspired by the mythological characterisation of women’s cycles, as well as personal stories and experiences.

In March of this year, A group of seven United Nations rights experts issued a clarion call on Tuesday to break the taboo around menstrual health for women and girls that persists in many parts of the world and take concrete action to end “disempowering” discrimination.

Persistent harmful socio-cultural norms, stigma, misconceptions and taboos around menstruation, continue to lead to exclusion and discrimination of women, Despite recent campaigns by women to challenge menstruation taboos and increasing attention to the issue of menstruation in the media, research, policy-making, and cultural discussion, they underscored the need for “more efforts to address challenges faced by women and girls”.