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ViewZine's Selection of Exhibitions of the Week

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ViewZine's Selection of Exhibitions of the Week

Lola Flash: [sur]passing

26 Apr 2019 – 17 Aug 2019


Working at the forefront of genderqueer visual politics for more than three decades, photographer Lola Flash’s work challenges stereotypes and gender, sexual, and racial preconceptions.

At the core of this exhibition is Flash’s series [sur]passing. Emphasising varying shades of skin tone, these larger-than-life portraits feature a spectrum of global diasporic figures posed against urban skylines - probing the impact of pigmentation on black identity and consciousness.

The scale of each photograph and the assertive gaze of the sitters invite contemplation of different lived experiences. Flash aims to foreground the complexities encompassing racial identities, and highlight the prejudices faced by black communities based on complexion.

Bruce McLean | 5 Decades of Sculpture

26 Apr 2019 – 29 Jun 2019

Bernard Jacobson Gallery

Bernard Jacobson Gallery is delighted to announce a special season of exhibitions, publications, film and performance, celebrating half a century of the creative output of Bruce McLean; one of the most important figures in British contemporary art.

The season will include a two-part retrospective at Bernard Jacobson Gallery, the publication of a new book with essay by Mel Gooding and commentary by McLean and the premiere of a film by McLean and long-time ‘Nice Style’ collaborator, Gary Chitty, titled The Decorative Potential of Blazing Factories.

Stanley Kubrick

26 Apr 2019 – 17 Sep 2019

Design Museum

Step inside the world of Stanley Kubrick, one of the greatest filmmakers of the 20th century.

Britain is where Kubrick created the battlefields of Vietnam for Full Metal Jacket (1987), an orbiting space station for 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), and Dr Strangelove’s War Room (1964).

Stanley Kubrick: The Exhibition will offer a unique insight into the director's vast archive through original props and costumes, set models and rare photographs, while tracing the design story behind Kubrick’s body of work. His fascination with all aspects of design and architecture influenced every stage of all his films. He worked with many key designers of his generation, from Hardy Amies to Saul Bass, Eliot Noyes, Milena Canonero, and Ken Adam.

Boz Mythology by Julien Friedler

25 Apr 2019 – 9 May 2019

The Stash Gallery at Vouts-O-Reenees

This spring sees the long-awaited UK showing of Belgian artist Julien Friedler. Consisting of 40 intimate works on paper, it is the first significant outing for the Belgian artist in the country and an introduction to Friedler’s intriguing body of work.

Well known across Europe and the US, Friedler’s work defies the surface activity found in much contemporary art. His works – which include paintings, drawings, writings as well as events – are informed by mythology: of spirits and mystical entities like angels and demons within ethereal universes. Both contemplative and exuberant, they are replete with tensions between space and solidity. They reward slow reflection.

Ara Güler

24 Apr 2019 – 5 May 2019

Saatchi Gallery

Hailed by the British Journal of Photography as 'one of the seven greatest photographers in the world', Saatchi Gallery hosts the first in a series of commemorative exhibitions to Armenian-Turkish artist and photojournalist Ara Güler. The exhibition consists of Güler's Istanbul photographs, as well as a collection of historical portraits including Winston Churchill, Alfred Hitchcock, John Berger and Bertrand Russell.

Ilana Manolson: Chance Encounters

23 Apr 2019 – 10 May 2019

Cadogan Contemporary

Featuring the work of acclaimed Canadian American painter Ilana Manolson, the exhibition is comprised of more than 20 acrylic paintings executed between the years 2018 and 2019, in which the artist moves between representation and abstraction to capture the essence of nature.

Manolson offers the viewer an intimate and profound knowledge of the natural world – a trained botanist, she began painting while working at Canada’s National Park system in Alberta, where her office became a de facto art studio. Eventually, her passion and talent led her to study printmaking and painting at one of America’s most prestigious art schools, The Rhode Island School of Design.

IMAGE: Lola Flash