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Artist Focus: ViewZine Meets Taline Temizian

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Artist Focus: ViewZine Meets Taline Temizian

Networking Serendipities is the title of the upcoming New Media show by Taline Temizian featuring a new body of work that forms part of the ongoing series ‘The Networks Project’, started in 2008. The exhibition will open at Paul Smith, No.9 Albemarle Street, London. Curated by Sascha Bailey, the multimedia works will explore human interactions through the intersection of art and technology, using traditional media alongside parts of machinery and tech.

Temizian’s practice is inspired by a multitude of influences, from philosophers and scientists to technologists and filmmakers, all of whom she has collaborated with throughout her career. Now living and working mostly in London, the Armenian-British artist was born in Frenso, California and grew up in Syria. It was here that her interest in science and technology began, her father a cardiologist, scientist and transhumanist, explored ways machinery can be used to save the heart and extend human life. As a result, Temizian has forged an artistic career through practicing a transhumanist approach on trauma and memory, whilst exploring new ways of bettering human life from mental and emotional perspectives.

Taline, how would you describe the essence of your work to those unfamiliar with it? 

My art is a point of departure from the self and towards the universe. It is a system for those who are daring to perceive and experience and think beyond what everyone is trying to tell them. It is about the audience, the other, and our own image through the eyes of the other.

Signifier and Signified are in endless dialogues with constant variables, and they constantly shift roles, like humans and all living things.

Formulas and existing systems ruling our universe return endless values.. Numeric, geometric and chemical, these all trigger the Neural cinemas, constantly forming new possibilities that our brains adapt and with all brains transform through neuroplasticity making us face endlessly new scenarios and therefore outputs and results and new ways of seeing, new colours, forms and experiences.. This is Practicable. The art or experience is made at that moment of interaction not only within the artwork (like memories are not just data reserved in one’s brain) but endlessly shifting synaptic connections.. Just like this my art endlessly can take new meanings and outputs based on the input and perception, noise, coordinates and therefore endless artworks and endless values. The art is made in that moment of meeting and interaction of elements, viewer and installation or painting etc, computer and artist/s, layers of mediums and sounds in a given X-Y place time and other 3rd 4th dimensions such as velocity, speed and all other invisible lines and parallel universe influences. It is the interaction of all these forces through systems that are in place in nature, science and the living creatures..

Who or what were your earliest influences?

Science, love, nature, animals, music.. and all great minds who were created and lived these..

What is the message behind the exhibition ‘Networking Serendipities’?

Message is the medium. It’s up to you to make up your own message based on your own brain, heart and the moment you experience the art.. or you don’t. The show makes up infinite messages every millisecond with every time/place/signifier and signified .. even when it’s still! This is the point..

Technology and art, on some levels, are not always easily compatible. What do you feel each discipline can learn from, or enhance, the other?

I disagree.. Art and technology like art and science are and have always been in dialogues. Historically since the beginning of century down to the industrial revolution and towards the middle of the last century astrophysicists, scientists and code breakers and other great minds connected the two. Norbert Weiner’s Cybernetics book in 1948 and Gordon Pask being a great example and inspiration with the Colloquy of mobiles cybernetic installation at the ICA in 1968, the show titled “Cybernetic Serendipity” which inspired the title of my show “Networking Serendipity”, also it’s worth reading books by professor Arthur Miller who visited the show about the history of art and technology,  also visit Ars electronica, ZKM, Gluon, Bozar, Elektra, IRCAM (Pompidou), Transmediale, EPFL etc etc  Art, Science and Technology are connected from the days of Da Vinci.

How do you feel about the creeping spread and influence of technology in our lives?

Technology has long been part of us The big Computer was there from the early century, and it is part and partial of our human development. The brain and learning is based on technology and machines around us, and now more than ever as we witness the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Which piece is your favourite in this exhibition?

The show is a one big practicable new media installation that is made up of networks and systems that are also interchangeable pieces, The stand-alone artworks are part of a whole and vice versa, even the films and audio-visual set ups or electronics they are part of each other.. Each piece has layers and interrelated stories, mediums and formulas.. So I can’t really answer your question from this point of view..

Why should people come and see ‘Networking Serendipities'?

To have a totally new perception of themselves and the world, and to experience new unconventional possibilities and editions of themselves and their lives that could better their state of mind. Experience being a key word. This will help them connect with different realities and possible outcomes.

If they are visionaries who want to understand themselves and their relationship with the universal systems in order to align with all layers of truth and imagination then they should see it.


 ‘Networking Serendipities’ by Taline Temizian will be on display from 11th - 23rd April at Paul Smith No.9 Albemarle Street.