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Open Space Announces New Annual Programme Launching in 2019 

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Open Space Announces New Annual Programme Launching in 2019 

Open  Space  has  announced  its  new  annual  programme  launching  in  2019,  comprising  of  exhibitions,  interventions, writing commissions and an international curatorial residency.  

Open Space is a peripatetic arts organisation that supports international emerging creative practices through an annual programme of projects in unexpected spaces. Building on the organisation’s work over the past four years, the newly introduced annual programme will consist of four recurring projects: Forum, three-day event comprising  artist  performances,  film  screenings,  talks  and  workshops;  Writing  Space,  a  series  of  commissioned texts; the Open Space Residency, offering one curator the opportunity to spend eight weeks in Istanbul; and the Edible Goods exhibition series, exploring food as a medium in contemporary art practice. 

The  2019  programme  theme  is  titled  ‘Space  without  Spaces’  and  aims  to  address  a  number  of  pertinent  contemporary issues ranging from global matters such as the hardening of borders in an uncertain political climate to national pressures on society including the increasing privatisation of civic and arts spaces.

Forum: Of Hosts & Guests | 28-30 March 2019 

Mary Ward House, UCL Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre and Pushkin House 

Taking  place  over  three days, Forum will feature a series of performances, screenings, talks and workshops,  across three unexpected cultural spaces in Bloomsbury, London: Mary Ward House (28 March), UCL Gustave Tuck  Lecture Theatre (29 March) and Pushkin House (30 March). The project is curated by Katherine Finerty,  an independent curator specialising in global contemporary art and socially-engaged practices who has recently curated projects for 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair and Gallery 1957.

Six  participating  artists  will  explore  ideas  of  hospitality,  hierarchy,  ritual  and  belonging  in  relation  to  art  practice, through a diversity of site-specific responses to these spaces. 

Forum  will  feature  a  screening  of  Amartey  Golding’s  Chainmail  film  series  exploring  identity  politics  around  race, gender and class followed by a live crit of his work led by his family and friends; a collective performance by  Adelaide  Damoah,  which  will  see  the  artist  use  her  own  body  to  confront  Ghana’s  colonial  history;  an  ‘activated’ life drawing class led by Henry Hussey, destabalising an imperial and gendered gaze; a self-reflective  installation  and  workshop  drawing  the  viewer  into  a  Ghanaian  market  by  Larry  Amponsah;  a  three-act food-art performance interrogating conceptions of class by Nora Silva; and a participatory photoshoot  staged  by  William  Martin,  in  collaboration  with  Charlotte  Speechley,  designed  to  invert  the  hierarchy of viewership and rituals of dressing.

Tender Touches | 17 May - 30 June 2019, Preview: Thursday 16 May 2019 

AMP Gallery, Peckham 

Tender Touches is the inaugural edition of Open Space’s Edible Goods exhibition series. It will take the form of an ‘art cafe’, blurring the lines between the gallery, the studio and the dining room. The exhibition aims to bring people  together  through  food,  using  it  as  a  catalyst  for  conversation,  while  also  pushing  the  boundaries of  traditional exhibition spaces.  

This  immersive  exhibition  will  present  a  variety  of  functional  artworks  produced  by  a  group  of  international  emerging artists. Everything from the food on the menu, to the furniture and cutlery, will be created by the artists:  Bea  Bonafini  (Italy),  Clementine  Keith  Roach (UK), Lindsey Mendick (UK), Goia Mujalli (Brazil), Cecilia  Charlton (USA), Marco Palmieri (Italy), Paloma Proudfoot (UK), Sofia Stevi (Greece), Magda Skupinska (Poland) Pixy Liao (China), Inês Neto dos Santos (Portugal) and Coco Crampton (UK).

Co-curated by artist Inês Neto Dos Santos with curator and founding director of Open Space, Huma Kabakci, the exhibition will play host to a series of new commissions, talks, supper clubs, readings and performances. This site-responsive environment will dissolve barriers between audiences and artworks by inviting visitors to experience food as a reflection on space - including the body and other physical boundaries.  

Tender  Touches  draws  from  a  number  of  different  artistic  and  cultural  references  including:  the  Breakfast  Pavilion by Lorenzo Mason (M–L–XL) and Luca Lo Pinto at the 2017 Art Biennale in Venice; the American novelist  Gertrude  Stein’s  book  Tender  Buttons;  the  1966  production  of  Hon  by  Niki  de  Saint  Phalle  at  the  Moderna Museet; and FOOD, the seminal artist-run restaurant in SoHo, New York, founded in 1971 by artists Carol Goodden, Tina Girouard and Gordon Matta-Clark. 

Writing Space | Throughout 2019 

Writing Space invites four guest writers from multidisciplinary backgrounds to contribute a text that responds to  the  2019  programme  theme.  The  four  topics  for this year’s texts are: Architectural Space -the dichotomy  between positive and negative space in architecture; Digital Space - an exploration of the space we each inhabit  virtually  through  the  internet;  Performative  Space  -  an  examination  of  societal  roles  and  spaces  for  communal gatherings; and Political Space - in response to borders, the body politic, the notion of statehood and statelessness and fragile and failed states.

Open Space Residency | September - November 2019 

Open Space launches a new curatorial residency as part of it’s 2019 programme. Each year, the residency will offer  one  curator  the  opportunity  to  spend  eight  weeks  in  Istanbul  working  with  Istanbul-based  arts  organisations, including the Huma Kabakci Collection, to develop a new project that will then be presented in Istanbul and London in the autumn. Curators will be selected by an international jury following an open call and announced in mid June 2019. Opening date for applications to be announced.



IMAGE: Pinch by Pixy Liao