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ViewZine's Selection of Exhibitions of the Week

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ViewZine's Selection of Exhibitions of the Week

Tom Lovelace. Interval - Flowers Gallery

22 Feb 2019 – 27 Apr 2019

 In this solo exhibition at Flowers Gallery, Lovelace presents a new body of work focusing on conceptual ideas of ‘theatre’, to explore spaces and encounters where the real, imagined and performed converge and intertwine.
Interval brings together several of Lovelace’s most recent Assembly Works, an ongoing series of assemblages centred around photography and, significantly, involving elements of bodily intervention. The exhibition discreetly explores the interstices of the gallery, working inbetween the hidden and public aspects of its internal architecture.

Phillip Allen | Deepdrippings - The Approach

22 Feb 2019 – 24 Mar 2019

Phillip Allen's paintings act as reminders of what painting can be, that painting now is where we can best confront art rather than succumb to any of its increasing politeness or provocative conventions. His relatively modest paintings include their own noise and are not content to sit obedient as 'figures' on a wall 'ground'. They are not simply mere art objects contained and catalogued to be instagrammed and kept tame within screens or four walls, but are paintings that don't actually tune anything out, that seem to resist singular contexts.

FOCUS: Agnes Martin - Levy Gorvy

22 Feb 2019 – 13 Apr 2019

At 22 Old Bond Street, a screening room and adjoining gallery of paintings will create an immersive, meditative environment that will highlight the relationship between Martin’s work and her conception of joy. “I thought my movie was going to be about happiness,” Martin commented on the production of the film, “but when I saw it finished, it turned out to be about joy–the same thing my paintings are about.” The exhibition will mark the second of the FOCUS series, which encourages sustained contemplation of landmark artworks by artists rooted in the gallery’s programme, alongside related selections from their oeuvres.

WALTER DE MARIA. Idea to Action to Object - Gagosian Gallery

24 Jan 2019 – 9 Mar 2019

In De Maria’s wide-ranging oeuvre, objects emerge from a transitional zone between idea and action. Like sounds coming from an instrument, shapes appear, overlap, and repeat in infinite permutations—drawing attention to the limits of gallery spaces, prioritizing bodily awareness, and examining the relationship between the relative and the absolute.

Bedrooms of London - The Foundling Museum

8 Feb 2019 – 5 May 2019

In partnership with The Childhood Trust, Bedrooms of London presents a new body of work by photographer Katie Wilson highlighting the damaging consequences for children arising from the shortage of social housing in London. Focusing on the spaces in which children are sleeping, the photographs are shown alongside first-hand narratives from families collected and written by Isabella Walker, and offer a poignant insight into the lives and experiences of children living in poverty across London.

Larry Achiampong & David Blandy | Genetic Automata - Arts Catalyst

24 Jan 2019 – 30 Mar 2019

Referencing the history of the theory of evolution, and the relationship between Darwin and his taxidermy teacher John Edmonstone, who was a freed slave, the artists' new commission for Arts Catalyst takes the form of a video installation combining animation, spoken word and text interspersed with microscopic topographies of varied shades of skin, digital renditions of skin from video games, and film footage of taxidermied bird life from Darwin’s bird skin collection at the Natural History Museum.

IMAGE: WALTER DE MARIA. Idea to Action to Object - Gagosian Gallery